Polygood new material Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing polycarbonate panels / films, and acrylic sheets. Also, we have CNC machining centers give fabrication service to the plastic sheets. Such as : cutting to size, engraving, drilling, milling, bending, laminating, thermoforming, stamping, silk printing, polishing ,etc.

For some special use, Polygood plastic supplies coating and laminating technology to films and sheets to make it abrasion resistant , fire resistant,   anti-static   anti-fog, Anti-glare , bullet proof, etc .

Currently, Polygood plastic manufacturing most acrylic and polycarbonate barriers, shield, sneeze guard , mask bracket to give best support during the COVID-19 crisis, send us your requirement, and we will give you our best solution.

We are manufacturing both Polycarbonate or acrylic sheets.