Polygood plastic CNC machining

Polygood plastic provide one-stop solutions service --plastic further processing to help the customer make their plastic designs come true. Cut-to-size and drill the holes for most equipment protection covers; advertising covers; inspection windows; racing car windows; windshield for recreation vehicles etc. (which required high light transmission and perfect impact-resistant features) CNC machining, laser cutting, drilling, milling, silk printing, UV printing. Thermoforming, etc.

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7.plastic bending ( cold bending, hot bending )

8.Thermoforming   ( police explosion proof shield )

9.Laminating ( bullet proof sheet , acrylic sheet & polycarbonate sheet )

10.Engraving ( precision size , accurate size , tolerance +-0.03mm , smooth edges,   without any sharp edges, and burrs

11.Drilling ( drilling the holes to match the screw design

12.Milling (


14.Silk screen printing, UV printing.

15.Gluing / bonding (

16.Polishing ( fire polish,

17.Laser cutting ( for acrylic sheet )

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Plastic OEM CNC fabrication plastic:

1.   PC /polycarbonate

2.   Plexiglass /acrylic

3.   PVC rigid sheet

4.   ABS sheet

5.   PETG sheet

6.   PP sheet

7.   PET sheet