Plastic bending parts

Polycarbonate and acrylic sheet can be easily bend, and bend, and rebend. formed, and formed, and reformed because of its excellent flexibility feature. Polygood plastic offers cold bending ( Thickness 1mm ~ 4.5mm) , and hot bending( 5mm ~ 8mm )for plastics, especially for polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets. It requires high quality of the plastic material otherwise the plastic is easily get cracked during bending process. Polygood plastic promise 100% virgin material to ensure good quality to plastic processing/ fabrication.   Send us your plastic drawing design and we can make your design come true.

Capability for plastic bending part size: Max W: 2000mm   Max L: 3000m

Our projects

1.Machine guard / equipment cover

2.Robot arm machine baffle

Plastic bending parts.jpg

Plastic bending parts01.png

Plastic bending parts02.jpg