Plastic thermoforming

thermoforming a plastic is primarily a process of heating plastic sheet to a particular temperature, always below its melting point.

What then follows is that the plastic sheet takes the shape of the mold after coming into contact with it.

Firstly, We create a mould as the design as customer required, and then there are generally 4 process for thermoforming a polycarbonate :

Plastic thermoforming.png

Take polycarbonate as an example, there are g ( Pre-dry oven )

Step 1: Pre Dry the Polycarbonate incase it absorbs moisture and cause bubbles in the sheet

Step 2: transfer the polycarbonate sheet directly to the forming machine and start Heating Polycarbonate

Step 3: Shape Polycarbonate to appropriate shape that fits the particular application

Step 4: Cool Polycarbonate

Plastic thermoforming01.png

Available plastic sheet :

1.     Polycarbonate

2.     Acrylic

3.     Visors

4.     Riot explosionshield

5.     Motor & carWindshield