Plastic printing

Polygood plastic offers both silk printing & UV printing to polycarbonate sheet , Plexiglass sheet, among other plastics.

Screen printing overlay involves making a screen to apply layers of ink on a particular printing surface.

The essence of this is to allow layering of each color one at a time onto the graphic overlay.

Additionally, it tends to use both ultra-violet based and solvent-based inks.

It also provides excellent control over deposition, which is the ink thickness applied to the product.

On the other hand, UV /digital printing graphics overlays tend to take your artwork in digital form as well as prints directly using a particular printer directly to the substrate.

This technique also uses UV cured ink and tends to apply the ink into the film more or less like the computer printer.

It is also ideal for parts that have relatively short small quantities.

Plastic print.png

Plastic print01.png

Plastic print02.png